The Team

Dudley Luxton

Dudley is Farmer Luxton, he lives eats and sleeps farming and was responsible for building the farm into what it is today, he is often found at the summer barbeque on Saturday “product testing”

Stuart Luxton

Stuart is responsible for the day to day running of the shop and farm and is equally happy working with his livestock or cutting meat for his customers, but he assures everyone he washes his hands thoroughly in between.

Lester Crocker

Lester is a butcher with vast experience. We have never known him not able to answer customer’s queries. He always provides the customer with the cut they require and a good dose of humour to go with it.

George Nankivel

George is currently balancing working on the farm with studying at Dutchy College, agriculture is his passion and we understand that he can’t wait to get to work every day, his diligence for a young man is very impressive.

Frances Luxton

Frances is the family matriarch; she has always been an Okehampton girl and is famed for producing wonderful dishes and meals at the drop of a hat, just using ingredients that she has around.

Lynette Luxton

Lynette is Stuart’s wife, she juggles working at the shop with looking after four little children (three young ones and Stuart) her wish in life is to have a holiday but Stuart tells her that they are over-rated.

Adrian Curtis

Adrian is the main worker on the farm, he has been on the farm for over 25 years, and he knows every corner of every field and can recognise every cow without looking at their number. He lives with his wife in Okehampton.

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