Bronze Turkeys (Free Range)
Up to 13 lb (6.00 kg)                      £5-50 lb        £12-15 kg
Up to 17.5 lb (8.00 kg)                    £5-18 lb        £11-45 kg
17.5 lb (8.00 kg)-20 lb (9.00 kg)    £4-73 lb        £10-45 kg
Over 20 lb (9-00 kg)                      £4-28 lb        £9-45 kg
White Turkeys    
Up to 13 lb (6.00 kg)                       £4-52 lb        £10-65 kg
Up to 17.5 lb (8.00 kg)                    £4-34 lb        £10-15 kg
17.5 lb (8.00 kg)-20 lb (9.00 kg)    £4-16 lb         £9-45 kg
Over 20 lb 9.00 kg                         £3-89 lb        £8-60 kg
Geese                                              £6-72 lb        £14-85 kg
Ducks                                             £3-03 lb        £7-30 kg
Large Chicken                               £3-33 lb        £7-10 kg
Turkey Breast Roll                       £6-67 lb        £14-99 kg


We are now taking orders for your Christmas duck, turkey and goose, please see weights and prices below. We will also have available our normal range of beef, lamb, pork and chicken along with the seasonal favourites of game and venison.

If you would like something particular then please ask a member of staff and we will do our best to prepare this for you. See our product list for all other goods including, vegetables, cheese and shelf goods that can be added to your order. This Christmas will be unlike any other so therefore we will be closing our Christmas order books on the 15th December.

However please do not panic as following this date you will be able to come into the shop and purchase from over the counter subject to availability. We will be open until midday on Christmas Eve, orders can be placed in person, by telephone (01837 54308) or by email (

NOTE: Please note we cannot accept orders via Facebook or messenger

We will be delivering to our regular vulnerable customers on Monday 21st December and 22nd December who will take priority. There may be more deliveries available to those who are shielding please ask a member of staff for details. Local delivery (orders over £20) is free of charge to these customers.

We are also hoping to offer a collect from the car park service, details to follow. National delivery available for £9.99

Christmas Opening Times           Shop
Thurs 17th Dec                               7am-4pm        
Fri 18th Dec                                    7am-5pm
Sat 19th Dec                                   7am-4pm
Sun 20th Dec                                 CLOSED
Mon 21st Dec - Wed 23rd Dec      7am-5pm        
Thurs 24th Dec                              7am-12pm        
Fri 25th Dec - Mon 28th Dec       CLOSED        
Tues 29th Dec - Wed 30th Dec    7am-4pm                
Thurs 31st Dec                               7am-3pm        
Fri 1st Jan - Sun 3rd Jan               CLOSED       

CAFE NOW OPEN Sunday 9.30am - 2.00pm