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Work 78 sheep crossing ford below village July 2011

  About Us  

Many years ago we started concentrating on selling our produce locally. Initially by supplying our local butcher, then by opening a bespoke farm shop on the outskirts of our local town, Okehampton. From a farmer's point of view there is nothing like customer feedback telling you how good your product is. The traceability of our beef and lamb is unrivalled as it is born and reared on the farm. Other products are from local farms, growers and suppliers. Our food miles are measured in yards.

  It is said that for meat to be right it has to be bred right, fed right and hung right. At Farmer Luxtons we stick rigidly to these principals, quality breeding stock, good animal care, feeding a forage based diet, and a state of the art hanging room ensures our products are of an unrivalled quality.

     In 2018 we extended Farmer Luxtons, the extension provided room for a café and an improved range of other local products. All of the new facilities are still based on the same principles of quality local products.​

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