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Why shop with us?

If you want the very best in locally

produced meat then come and see

what we offer. Our own Aberdeen

Angus herd produces the finest beef.

All the lamb in the shop is also home

produced. All well bred, well fed and well

hung for a beautiful matured flavour. Our recently expanded shop offers fresh bread, fresh vegetables, wine, spirits and much more.

     If you get thirsty you can enjoy drinks and maybe try our fantastic range of hot snacks, cakes and take-away goodies from the cafe.


Tasty. Fresh. Local. Distinctively different. That’s Luxtons.

Cafe Now



“Can't really complain - a luxurious farm shop, immaculately clean stocking treats, meat, booze, cheese, vegetables, and other upmarket farmy things. Also a cafe & restaurant, and nice clean loo. Car park outside for drive by farm produce required necessities and emergency barbecue meaty grilly things”

Ben Slater -  Google Review

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